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Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, Augmented Reality Slam Dunks

Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, Augmented Reality Slam Dunks

published at : Friday 16 February 2018

Virtus Segafredo wins the title of first italian basketball club to have an Augmented Reality App.


A goal reached with the collaboration of Pikkart, who built an app that aims to engage and loyalize Virtus’ supporters, especially the younger ones. How? Through a simple and at the same time enthralling prize contest system backed by Augmented Reality content.


How does the prize contest work? First of all the user has to download the Augmented Reality app on their smartphone or tablet and sign in. Once that’s done, they can go in the “V Experience” section, where they will be asked to point the camera towards a marker, which can be their membership card, or one of the pictures available on Virtus’ website, or at the @Paladozza arena: each marker is associated to a different Augmented Reality digital content, which when shared on social media will make the user gain points that can be exchanged with prizes such as free seats, the possibility to have coffee with the players, or an invitation to visit the locker room before a match.
The app also features a media area with professional in-game pictures and videos, and allows the user to check on the club’s schedule and the championships’ leaderboard, as well as buying tickets.


It will therefore be a system that rewards the most active fans, a system that first requires the points to be collected (through views and shares) and then exchanged in order to obtain the chosen prize.

The Augmented Reality experience will be engaging and always new, not a simple consultation tool but an interactive channel that will allow the fan to take part in the life of the team, to feel ever more a part of the Virtus universe and to be rewarded on level with their participation.


VirtusBo has 6 areas:


  • Home →  showing the latest news


  • News → showing a more comprehensive list of articles from Virtus’ website


  • Media → pictures, videos, chants in audio form


  • Team → roster with all the players, the days of the matches and leaderboard


  • Fidelity → where the user keeps track of points and prizes


  • V Experience → the augmented reality cam. Pointing to a marker will trigger a video or another digital content, which when shared on social media will make the user gain points.



VirtusBo, developed using Pikkart-AR SDK, Pikkart’s proprietary software for Augmented Reality on mobile, is compatible with both Android and iOS.


Download VirtusBo for Android or iOS and win amazing prizes!

Last update: Giulia Fiorenza Campagna  22/02/2018
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