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“Saór -  Saperi e Sapori veneziani”, tradition and Augmented Reality

“Saór - Saperi e Sapori veneziani”, tradition and Augmented Reality

published at : Wednesday 09 October 2019

On the last weekend of September (27 to 29) it took place the first edition of Saór Festival, an event created to promote the food traditions of Mestre and Venice.

Between exhibitions, speechs, food stalls and food samples, attendees were able to get to know and taste saór, a dish typical of the lagoon made of fried sardines, onions and vinegar, a perfect combination that could be preserved for long periods of time on Venetian fishing boat.


Confesercenti Venice has chosen two digital companies, Pikkart and 22HBG, to talk about this traditional recipe in an innovative way, with Pikkart-AR Logo markers spread in the town to see dedicated augmented reality content and vote the best version of soar, presented by 15 local restaurants.

The augmented reality app the attendees used to vote was Pikkart, a platform that contains markers and digital content that can be organized and linked together using our proprietary CMS.


This interactive voting method has mostly engaged users under 30, that reacted with curiosity and excitement to the traditional content being shown in augmented reality.


Augmented reality and other multimedia technologies are a great tool to draw younger (and not-so-young) generations to culture and tradition, during events or in a museum/school environment.


Thanks again to Confesercenti Venezia for choosing our augmented reality to promote the culinary culture of the lagoon!

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