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Innovative projects and international sales, Pikkart’s latest news

Innovative projects and international sales, Pikkart’s latest news

published at : Tuesday 19 November 2019

More and more clients, now also from Russia and Indonesia, are choosing Pikkart for innovative augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence projects.


We are proud to be working with many clients and partners that are of great importance on a national and international scale, but this also leads us to be bound to many strict NDAs.


That said, we still want to try giving you an idea of what Pikkart’s been cooking up lately!


We can tell you that some future projects will use automatic detection in an industrial context (like our solutions Pikkart-AR Assistance 4.0, Pikkart-AR Asset Recognition, and Pikkart-AR Industry 4.0 do), and others will combine geolocation and augmented reality (Pikkart-AR Routes). We will also enter the world of healthcare with a groundbreaking but top-secret project!


Among the clients we can name we have Saipem, Tetra Pak, Barilla, and La Città Verde, with projects that go from the manufacturing to the cultural sector.


And talking about the cultural sector, our augmented reality has been used in a number of projects (also still secret) that involve artworks and historic sites.


Stay tuned for more news!

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