How it started

Pikkart was founded in Modena in 2014 by Lorenzo Canali, owner of Progetti di Impresa (Enterprise Projects), among the Italian leaders in software solutions for the Public Health and Welfare Sector and Public Administrations. Lorenzo Canali brought in a group of genius researchers from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and created Pikkart with Davide Baltieri and Giovanni Zuffolini as his Partners, with the goal of becoming one of the best companies in the field of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology: 2019 - future

Today Pikkart’s research and development efforts go towards Augmented Intelligence (a technology that incorporates the amazing strenght and versatility of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality), and Deep Learning and Computer Vision solutions.

Among these shines Pikkart-AR Discover, Pikkart’s most recent evolution of augmented reality itself, with an addition of visual recognition. To simplify, it’s a software that from just a few pictures can recognize objects and places, and allows to link to them augmented reality content such as info sheets, pictures, videos and 3D models. It’s a solution that has already been successfully applied to the museums sector, in Industry 4.0 and MMR.

Our technology: 2014-2018

Two years after being founded Pikkart became one of the few companies in the world and the first in Italy to have developed from scratches its own proprietary Augmented Reality Ecosystem, which started with Pikkart-AR SDK, an augmented reality software development kit, followed by Pikkart-AR Logo, a software that allows to link up to a billion different pieces of content to as many copies of the same image.

It’s the kind of innovative technology that lead Pikkart to, in just a few years, gaining space and awards both in and outside of Italy (like for example the prestigious Seal of Excellence, gained in the scope of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument) and creating solutions for a number of national and international organizations, companies, and sports clubs, such as: Ferretti Group, Generali Insurance, IBM, Marposs, Lega Basket Serie A, Pfizer Vaccines, Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, etc.

Meet our team

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