Pikkart-AR Museums is an app (iOS, Android) created for those museums that want to give to visitors a more engaging and interactive experience. This app makes it possible to interact with the museum and the exhibit, transforming the classic tour in a gamification experience.

The museum experience becomes interactive thanks to Pikkart’s computer vision technologies; after the recognition of objects and environment, these technologies are augmented and made interactive with digital content (ex. video, photo, documents and 3D models) rigorously in AR.

We have developed an app with technological patterns and graphic/functional layouts in order to be more competitive on the market and still provide the customer with a customizable solution. 


Temporary exhibitions/news: institutional news or news of new events in the museum

Navigation through thematic itineraries: ideal for bigger museums, in which guided tours can be dispersive if the visitor has a specific interest or not enough time 

Points of interest: every point of interest can have its own panel with video or textual information, complemented by galleries and audio guides.

Augmented reality: in every point of interest it is possible to allow the camera to activate the augmented reality, through which the visitor is able to identify specific elements of the museum’s works, paintings, sculptures...
Map: the museum’s map allows the user to find their way during the tour. it can be consulted through the point of interest panel, or it can notify the user’s position automatically through the beacons use.
Augmented reality tags: it is possible to print specific tags for the showcases or other supports that can be linked to augmented reality content viewable through the app

CSM (optional): it is possible to activate the back end with which you can manage the udpates of the app’s information and content. 


The augmented reality adds an interactivity level to the fruition of the artworks, allowing for example to create a playful experience for younger people or even just provide more information about how much is possible to insert into the physical exposition.

The steganographic technology Pikkart-AR Logo allows to connect up to a billion of different content to as many copies of the same image. This allows to print apparently identical tags (containing for example the museum’s logo and AR+ writing) to promote the immediate identification of the ‘augmentable’ elements and to connect them to differents contents depending on the exposed work.

In an historical environment or in a place that it already has its own visual identity that it would be difficult to modify, it is not necessary to change the exhibition with totems or tags thanks to the visual recognition technology Pikkart-AR Discover, that makes it possible to connect digitals content to places or environments, not only to planar objects. 



Cultural assets


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