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Pikkart went to #AfterFestival17, Modena chooses Augmented Reality

Pikkart went to #AfterFestival17, Modena chooses Augmented Reality

published at : Thursday 28 September 2017

From the 29th of September to the 1st of October Modena hosted After Futuri Digitali – Modena Smart Life, the first Italian festival on digital innovation, during which every corner of the city was transformed into a urban prototype of Augmented Life that allowed the citizens to experiment a different version of their daily lives through digital technologies such as Augmented Reality.


We at Pikkart, being Italian leaders in the field of Augmented Reality, surely couldn’t miss such an innovative event, in fact we brought our contribution to Modena’s #DigitalTransformation by enhancing seven historical landmarks of the city center, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Piazza Grande, with an exclusive Augmented Reality App developed with our in-house frame work, Pikkart-AR SDK (which you can download for free here)


The instructions on how to experience Augmented Reality were simple: use a mobile device to download the Pikkart App, available for both Android and iOS, and find the six stands placed in the following locations of the city center:

  • Sant’Agostino Square
  • Duomo Museum
  • Storchi Theatre
  • San Filippo Neri Institute
  • Delfini Library
  • Tourist Information Office


By pointing the camera of their smartphone or tablet to the stand, the citizens could have access to a number of multimedia content in Augmented Reality such as videos, 3D objects and information on the Emilian City, enjoying an interactive, engaging and educational experience.
The seventh Landmark was Piazza Grande’s famous Pietra Ringadora, in front of which was placed a panel operating the same way as the stands.


We have been the whole three days of the festival at our information stand in Piazza Grande, where we have answered questions on Augmented Reality and shown our exclusive demo, the Augmented Reality Magic Cube, a gadget made expressly for #AfterFestival17 in order to give the attendees a pocket version of the Duomo of Modena in Augmented Reality to carry with them even after the end of the festival.

We want to thank all the people who came to visit our stand, like Regional Councilman Raffaele Donini and the interviewers from Gazzetta di Modena and TRC.
You all gave your contribution to the #DigitalTransformation of Modena!


And to those who would have wanted to come visit but couldn’t, here’s a tweet report (Italian only) of #AfterFestival17 from Pikkart’s point of view



See you at the next event!

Last update:  15/11/2017
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