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Industry 4.0 and Augmented Reality, Pikkart’s project for Marposs

Industry 4.0 and Augmented Reality, Pikkart’s project for Marposs

published at : Tuesday 11 December 2018

We kept it secret for months, but after the end of its first presentation tour we are proud to finally share with everyone this ambitious industrial measuring project through Smart Glasses we developed for Marposs, worldwide leader in precision equipment for measurement and control in the production environment.



The guided measurement procedure uses our Pikkart-AR Discover, a software that combines Augmented Reality and Visual Recognition: by wearing the glasses the worker receives instructions on what tool to grab and in what sequence to measure the engine.


Our team has created a recognition model of the engine using an extremely small data set using our proprietary technology Pikkart-AR Discover. Using the SmartGlasses ODG R7 the worker is guided in real time in the measuring process, while the data produced is shown in his visual field and saved in the company’s back office software.


In this video Matteo Zoin of Marposs gets into specific with Quality Digest about the hardware and software of this solution.



The demo of this technology has been shown in the most important trade fairs of Germany, Sweden, USA and Japan, where it has gained very positive feedbacks from experts of the industry.


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