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Pikkart and Barilla, Augmented Reality for Storytelling

Pikkart and Barilla, Augmented Reality for Storytelling

published at : Tuesday 23 July 2019

On July 16 to 18 took place #StorytellingDays, an annual event created by Barilla employees for Barilla employees with the goal of narrating the company's products and ingredients.


For this event, Barilla has decided to use a new medium to support its storytelling operation: Pikkart's augmented reality, in the form of a custom app and exclusive digital content.


Following Barilla's guidelines, Pikkart has developed an app perfectly on-brand both in its design and in the appearance of the markers (those physical elements that make AR content play).


During the event Barilla's employees interacted with the markers placed in an open-air display area and with a special paper cube created especially for the occasion.


Download the cube and try Barilla's storytelling!


This is exactly the kind of project that shows how augmented reality is a technology that can adapt to any brand, both for marketing operations based on storytelling and for adding content and value to exhibition spaces like museums and conventions.


The app Storytelling Days 2019 is available for free on both Google Play and App Store.

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