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Augmented Reality on tridimensional markers, Pikkart-AR Discover gets a patent

Augmented Reality on tridimensional markers, Pikkart-AR Discover gets a patent

published at : Wednesday 11 December 2019

Exciting news for Pikkart!


We are proud to announce that our technology Pikkart-AR Discover, which is able to recognize places and tridimensional objects and link augmented reality content to them, has received an Italian patent, which will soon be followed by a European one!


What features does this technology have to make it deserve a patent?


The most important thing is that, unlike other marker-based augmented reality technologies (like Pikkart-AR SDK and Pikkart-AR Logo), Pikkart-AR Discover’s augmented reality isn’t tied to a bidimensional picture.

It is, in fact, an augmented reality software that recognizes objects –  like machinery, cars, shelf products, pieces of art – and makes it possible to link content such as information sheets, pictures, videos and 3D elements to them simply by taking a few pictures of the object or place to be recognized and uploading them on the software, which will automatically created a recognition model that can be linked to an augmented reality content.


Unlike other computer vision and augmented reality software, Pikkart-AR Discover doesn’t need a 3D scan of the object or a place in order to recognize it, which makes it a lighter, faster, and cheaper software.


An example of Pikkart-AR Discover


Pikkart-AR Discover isn’t the first patent Pikkart has gained: that position has in fact been held for years by Pikkart-AR Logo, a technology that makes it possible to link up to a billion different pieces of content to as many different copies of the same picture, using a steganographic code. In December 2017 Pikkart-AR Logo has also gained the European recognition “Seal of Excellence” for its innovativeness.


Pikkart’s R&D department never stops working and it’s always studying new technologies and solutions, using both augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


Therefore, see you next patent! ;)

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