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Remote Assistance is the solution, Covid19 won’t stop us

Remote Assistance is the solution, Covid19 won’t stop us

published at : Sunday 15 March 2020

In these days of limitations caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19), even traveling for work has become increasingly difficult. Sometimes the auto-certification form isn’t enough, if the officer doing the checking doesn’t think the reason for being on the road is a priority, especially when moving from province to province.

Moving from region to region is even more difficult, if not impossible, and let’s not get started on traveling internationally.


Luckily we’re living in a historical period that, thanks to the internet and the many collaborations tools available, makes it possible to engage in “smart working”, from a distance.


One of these innovative collaboration tools is Pikkart-AR Assistance 4.0, a scalable solution that merges traditional video-calls with augmented reality and computer vision.


This solution can be applied to many situations, like:

  • industrial maintenance

  • distance learning for both professionals and school students

  • infotainment for children

  • health consultations (also using wearable devices)

  • smart working for companies and public administrations

  • cybersecurity

  • remote consultations and support


Pikkart is ready to intervene immediately to integrate this solution into your systems and following your needs.


For more information write comunicazione@pikkart.com.



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