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Artificial intelligence for Social Distancing

Artificial intelligence for Social Distancing

published at : Thursday 11 June 2020

Phase 2 of the Covid19 emergency is almost over, but phase 3 will not be a return to life as we lived it before.

Dining establishments and public places will reopen (while we will have to wait at least until spring 2021 as far as concerts are concerned) but with bans on gatherings and safety norms that are to be respected.


However, ensuring the respect of the one-meter distance between visitors and clients at all times for institutions and private individuals is impossible with the tools available to them today.


This is why Pikkart has developed an algorithm for social distancing, a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate the distance between people and to point out gatherings.


This algorithm doesn’t just automatically calculate the maximum capacity of an environment in order to ensure efficient social distancing, but it also identifies groups of people who don’t respect the minimum distance.


The software identifies and places on a 2D representation the people inside of an environment captured by a camera.

The representation makes it possible to measure the various inter-personal distances person by person in order to detect whether or not the social distancing is maintained. In the case of breach of distance threshold, it automatically sends alerts that can be configured based on one’s requirements.

People are followed frame by frame and when they’re occluded or hidden, the software is able to re-identify them in the subsequent frames.



The software is flexible and it can be integrated with surveillance systems and the cameras present in offices, premises, supermarkets, airports, etc.


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