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Academia Barilla and augmented reality, Pellegrino Artusi in an app

Academia Barilla and augmented reality, Pellegrino Artusi in an app

published at : Wednesday 21 October 2020

Academia Barilla is the international center created by the Barilla Group dedicated to promoting, defending, and developing the art of Italian gastronomy. Based in Parma, the Academia contains an auditorium, sixteen professional kitchens, laboratories, and other functional spaces for training. A central place of the Academia is the Gastronomic Library, a unique collection of texts related to the Art of Gastronomy, available to scholars and enthusiasts with over 14,000 volumes on the topic of gastronomy and food.


The Library includes a very rich collection of texts on the history of food and gastronomy, volumes dating from the 16th century to the present day, constantly expanded through targeted acquisitions in contemporary publishing and additions to the historical core.


Academia Barilla has chosen Pikkart to create an augmented reality app that can guide the visitor inside its Gastronomic Library, illustrating the most important pieces.


The role of the Library’s tour guide was - in a way - given to Pellegrino Artusi, a famous 19th-century gastronome considered the "father" of modern Italian cuisine, recreated for this app in the form of an augmented reality virtual avatar.


To find out more about the collection, just point your phone to the markers placed inside the Library and listen to the interesting descriptions provided by Artusi.


These days the Library can only be visited upon reservation, but in the meantime it is possible to try Academia Barilla by downloading the app - available for iOS and Android - and the demo cube.


Pellegrino Artusi presents the Academia Barilla app



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