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When many are reopening, Pikkart has never closed down

When many are reopening, Pikkart has never closed down

published at : Monday 19 October 2020

The past few months have been tough for all Italians, and even now we are in a situation of uncertainty about what the future holds.


Even in the most difficult moments, however, the Pikkart team never stopped working: we reinvented ourselves, we developed, created, experimented, made projects with partners and clients.


And what clients!


Just in the last few weeks, we have acquired major clients such as the industrial machinery manufacturer SCM Group, the largest Italian multi-utility company A2A, and the leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, one of the many excellences of the Modena area. Projects for these clients make use of Pikkart's full expertise in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and app development.


The sales of our SDK, very popular among foreign developers, have not stopped either.


In recent months we have also dedicated ourselves to refining our solution for remote assistance and to creating new products suitable for dealing with the Covid19 emergency, such as Pikkart Social Distancing and Pikkart Mask Detection.

We have also worked on the implementation of our Pikkart-AR Logo patent on the world of anti-counterfeiting and marketing on packaging, perfecting the algorithm for monochrome printing on corrugated cardboard.


Working remotely hasn't stopped us, on the contrary, it has made us even more productive and determined to overcome any difficulty.


Let's keep this up!


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