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Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality against Covid

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality against Covid

published at : Thursday 19 November 2020

Italy is once again in a difficult moment, with cases of Covid19 on the rise and increasingly stringent measures to contain the infections. Even in the yellow areas it is impossible not to think about last spring’s lockdown, the queues outside the supermarkets, the empty offices, not being able to travel even outside of a certain range except for proven necessity.

The preventive measures adopted are again taking us out of schools and our workplaces, away from public places due to the risk of overcrowding.


The logistics of these measures are difficult to manage both for institutions and for companies and citizens, and does not guarantee the absence of human error.


It is at this time that technology comes to our aid.


Since the beginning of this emergency we have put all our years of experience in the field of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to adapt and develop different software solutions to support remote work, social distancing and access control, verification of the correct use of protecting masks, and remote medical examinations.


Let's see them in detail.




It is a modular Remote Assistance solution that combines simple video-calls with augmented reality and can be adapted to any work and training need. Its peculiarity lies in the segmentation of the remote operator's hands on the screen of the operator on-site. This type of solution replaces the physical presence of external technicians inside the company, drastically reducing the risk of contagion.

The novelty of this software has been recognized by various associations and publications, such as Il Sole 24 Ore, TIM Business, Cariplo Factory, StartupItalia, ART-ER, The Startup Canvas, TRC, MGMTMagazine, La Gazzetta di Modena and others, which have included it among the main technological solutions developed to fight the Covid emergency.





It is an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of counting the number of people in an environment and measuring their distance or proximity in meters, in order to instantly check whether the minimum distance is being respected or not. This solution can be adapted to many contexts and solve various critical issues, such as the counting of entrances to supermarkets, the calculation of the maximum capacity of workplaces to ensure the safety of employees, and the monitoring of public places such as government offices and stations.





Like Pikkart Social Distancing, Pikkart Mask Detection uses artificial intelligence to ensure compliance with preventive anti-Covid rules in companies and public places. The algorithm recognizes the correct positioning of the mask on the face and signals when the nose and mouth are uncovered.





Telehealth is an application that responds to the need to carry out routine medical examinations without having to go to doctor’s offices and hospitals, places where the risk of contagion is clearly higher.

Like Pikkart-AR Assistance 4.0, this solution combines video calls and augmented reality, integrating a chat and document sharing service.



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